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Are You Ready? To Donate A Car In California? If So, Good For You! Donating A Car To Charity Is A Wonderful Decision On Many Levels.

First Of All, Your Donation Goes To Help A Great Cause.  Plus, You Get Your Old Vehicle Or Junk Car Moved Off Of Your Property Free Of Charge. You Are Also Recycling An Old Vehicle, And You Also Get To Claim The Car Donation As A Tax Deduction.

In This Post, You'll Find Some Tips On How To Donate A Car In California And Some Specific Requirements You Should Be Aware Of That Relate To California Car Donations.

Other benefits of your car donation in California ....?

Is Free Towing Services Offered? In This Offer, You Are Not Required To Take The Car At Center For Car Donation. The Center Authorities Providing Pickup Facility To You. They Pick Up The Car From Your Home.
For The Car Donation You Have To Prepare Some Important Documents Like Insurance & Registration And If You Do Not Have The Title, The Center Authority Provides You Duplicate Form Of Title. Donation Center Also Gives The Facility For Donating Your Car.

At The Time Of Pick Up The Car The Donation Center Give You The Tax Form Which Is Very Important For You Because This Tax Form Is Provided Tax Deduction From Your Tax. You Can Ask The Picker About The Form Filling. They Are Introduced To You About The Tax Form.


  • The State Of California Does Require A Certificate Of Title In Order To Transfer Ownership Of Your Vehicle. If Your Vehicle Was Last Titled In The State Of Ca We Can Accept A Reg 262 And Reg 227 Form In Place Of The Title. These Are Secure Forms That Can Be Obtained At Any Local Dmv Office. We Ask That Your License Plates Remain On The Vehicle At The Time Of Pick-up Unless They Are Personalized.

  • In Order To Complete Your California Car Donation, Transfer Your Title By Entering The Name Of Our Authorized Agent, Advanced Remarketing Services In The Buyer/purchaser Field. Please Print And Sign Your Name In The Seller/owner Field Exactly As It Appears At The Top Of The Title.

Smart Person’s Guide Charity Car Donations.? 

• Do Your Research. Charitynavigator And Guidestar Are Great Places To Start To Check Out How Charities Spend Their Money. The Attorney General Lays Out How Much Each Charity Actually Gets, Compared To The Value Of The Donations, In Its Annual Commercial Fundraisers Report.

• Give Vehicles To Charities That Can Actually Use Them – Delivering Meals To The Homebound, Taking Elderly People To The Doctor, Etc. Contact The United Way, A Community College Or Vocational School To Find Programs That Need Donated Vehicles.

• Find A Charity That Handles Its Own Car Donations. That Cuts Out The Middle-man And Allows The Charity To Keep All The Proceeds. If Your Favorite Charity Doesn’t Accept Cars Directly, Find One That Does.

• If The Car Runs, Drive It To The Charity Yourself. That’ll Save Money On Pickup And Towing.

• If You Still Want To Give To A Charity That Uses A Middleman, Ask What Percentage Of Your Donation The Charity Will Actually Get.

• Do Paperwork Correctly. Donors Are Responsible For Notifying The Department Of Motor Vehicles Of The Transfer Of Registration. You Can Be Held Responsible For Parking Tickets And Worse If You Don’t Formally Sign The Car Over To The Nonprofit.

Source: Irs, Charity Navigator, American Institute Of Philanthropy, California Attorney General

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